You wouldn't comprehend what people leave in their dry cleaning and laundry

This is a list of things people have left in their dirty dry cleaning and laundry!

How many times have you pilled up your washing machine, and you only remembered you'd left money in the pockets of your trousers after it finishes its spin?

Well, if you are a man and don't refer to the 58 per cent of other British men who have no clue about all the various settings and buttons on their washing machines are, then you never been a position like this. The unofficial sources suggest that among the most unusual things that have ever been, left in their washing machines are jewellery, lighters, sunglasses, pencils, felt markers, and the regular junk-drawer variety stuff – from condoms to loose change.


Money laundering?

Ok, forget about examining the pockets of the clothes before loading them into the washing machine! It slips most people's minds, typically! But what about dry cleaners? Every so often, dry cleaners find things worth remembering: large wads of cash, a Rolex timepiece, paraphernalia. A small gun, a bulletproof vest and a police uniform!

There are also those embarrassing things people probably wish they didn't leave in their pockets: tampons, birth control devices essential phone numbers.

A few of the most common things left in dirty clothes?

– notes – they are a common item left behind (love letters, reminders of a sentimental nature, angry notes to one's neighbour, you name it.)

– Car keys

– Mobile phones

– Small make up products

– Oyster cards

– Work passes

– Collar stiffeners and cufflinks

– Official documents/Passports

– Travel tickets

– Biscuits and sweets

– Toys

– Cigarettes

– Pain killers

– underwear in the pockets of professional men's suits and trousers – you don't even want to picture the backlash of the wives that collect their husbands' dry cleaning!

A research study carried out by household appliance manufacturer Indesit announced that more than half (58%) of British men 'don't know how to use a washing machine correctly because they find it 'complicated'. According to the study, 16 to 24-year-olds are most hesitant to do their laundry. The most common excuse is that they don't know what buttons to press (40%); another 25% won't even try to figure out how to switch the machine on. Ultimately, another weak explanation being 'women are better at doing laundry' (24 per cent).

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