Laundry Symbols Explained

Laundry Lab Explains What The Symbols Mean 

Have you ever gazed blankly at the laundry symbols on your most valuable possessions? Have you ever purchased an elegant garment, worn it, glanced at the care label logos and still tossed it in the laundry basket? We're all liable of skim reading the care label and quickly throwing the garment in the wash at 30-degree wash in the hope that it will come out just fine, right?

We understand when you pull out your desired piece out of the washing machine and find it shrunken, shapeless, damaged or discoloured. Then kick yourself for not studying the label more accurately.

All laundry symbols inside the garment have a precise meaning, so we have put together an essential guide so that you can put it to use. Then you can ensure you are doing your very best to maximise the lifetime of your most loved clothes.

Each label should explicitly state the fabric type and include, four care symbols: washing, drying, ironing and bleaching. The water temperatures implied are, presented as a guideline. 

Dry Cleaning Symbols

• If the care symbol has a small circle, the manufacture is saying you must dry clean this garment.

• If a short letter is inside of the loop, it's symbolising to the dry cleaner what type of chemical to use.

• The more bars beneath the symbol it shows the level of care the dry cleaner must take.

• If there happens to be a cross over the circle symbol, you shouldn't dry-clean that particular item.

Ironing Symbols

• Your clothes or other items can be ironed at all temperatures if the care label iron symbol does not have any dots

• The more dots that are present on the logo it insinuates the temperature of heat that can be, utilised:

• One dot: delicates, i.e., wool and silk.

• Two dots: synthetics.

• Three dots: cotton and linen.

• If there is a cross over the ironing symbol, you shouldn't iron the garment.

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Drying Symbols

• If the drying care label has a loop inside a square, your clothes can be tumble dried normally.

• The more dots that are on the drying symbol implies the temperature that can be, used.

• When there is a big cross over the tumble dry sign, you shouldn't tumble dry the garment.

Hand Washing Symbols

 •If the washing label has a tub with a hand in the water, then your item can be washed by hand or put on a delicate wash cycle of 40°C or below.

• Hand washing is suited for fragile clothes like silk or cashmere as the wash is gentle, preventing snagging or shrinking.

• If the washing label has a twisted sign on it, your item can be, wrung out.

• If the wash label has a cross covering the twisted logo, you shouldn't wring the garment.

Synthetic Washing Symbols

• If your synthetic washing label has a tub sign, your garment can be, washed in a standard washing machine.

• A number that is on the tub sign shows the maximum temperature that can be, used.

• The more bars that are underneath the tub sign symbolises a decrease of rinsing and spinning:

No bars: The item can be cleaned and spun as usual.

One bar: Spin speed should be, decreased.

Two bars: Mild wash but can be rinsed and spun as usual.

• If there is a cross covering the tub sign, you shouldn't wash the garment.

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