London Dry Cleaners Service Near You

Laundry Lab will pick-up, dry clean and drop off your dry cleaned items to your office, home or hotel in as little as 24 hours! So, if you're looking for local dry cleaners, London - we have your answer. Laundry Lab is your on-demand dry cleaning service.

The Laundry Lab service intends to give you more free time to do what you like to do throughout the day like going to the gym, a date or just getting the school clothes fresh and clean for the beginning of the week. All you need to do is select a suitable time using our free pick-up and drop off service, and we'll manage the rest.

Need to dry clean your jacket or coat in London and maintain it over the summer? No problem! In 24 hours, you can have your fresh coat back, using our coat & jacket dry cleaning services.

Laundry Lab partners up with local dry cleaners in London and continuously observes the quality to guarantee a first-class dry cleaning service. Our Laundry & Dry Cleaning service includes ironing and is available throughout London, with fixed prices. All dry cleaning prices include pressing.

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How much does it cost at a London dry cleaners?

The cost of dry cleaning can vary significantly throughout London. Most people prefer dry cleaning the more expensive clothes, such as anything delicate or intricate. So for this reason, dry cleaning needs time and concentration.

But if you're still unsure what the average price for dry cleaning is? The truth is, that isn't very easy to say. However, standard dry cleaners will often require a high price for their services, but at Laundry Lab - taking great care of your clothes is what we do.

Our honest pricing displays the excellent Laundry Lab services in London that everyone has come to love. We're the local High Street dry cleaners of your London!

For a full breakdown, refer to our price list. 

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Why should I use Laundry Lab?

When you order with Laundry Lab, you'll save over 4,500 litres of water a year, incredible right?


Thanks to Laundry Lab, you'll save more than 70kWH of electricity a single year.


And more importantly, you can save nine months over a lifetime just by not doing your laundry.

How does dry cleaning work?

Well, we are glad you asked! The dry cleaning procedure is somewhat similar to a private washing machine, and only it uses chemical solvents instead of water. The solutions that are used by most dry cleaners comprise of tetrachloroethylene and perchloroethylene, or perc. Perc has grown popular amongst dry cleaners because it is excellent at removing stains and is safe for many materials and dyes.

There are four steps to the dry cleaning process:

  1. wash cycle - the solution mixes with the clothes, eliminating dirt and odours
  2. rinse cycle - clothing is rinsed and cleaned with a fresh chemical
  3. extraction cycle - solvents are emptied from the drum, filtered.
  4. dry cycle - light heat is utilised to dry the items

Synthetic items such as fibre, silk and polyester are the most usually dry cleaned, but other gentle fabrics are often dry cleaned because the method is softer than a washing machine. This option can also be excellent for hand wash clothes.

The most traditionally dry cleaned items include suits, beautiful dresses, trousers and bed linens. The recommended items are for bed linens and include duvet covers, blankets, sheets and throws. Many things are safe for the washing machine & dryer, but for more delicate pieces, we highly recommended to dry clean.

For more specific information, check the clothes label inside your garment to see the required cleaning guidance.