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Our opening hours are 8 am to 11 pm Monday to Sunday.


Dry cleaning near me WC2H Leicester Square London - If you live in or around WC2H Leicester Square London, we can provide you with a quick, reliable dry cleaning or laundry service around WC2H Leicester Square London! We have both dry cleaners and laundrettes in WC2H Leicester Square London, so no matter where you are, we can provide dry cleaning & laundry services right to your door.


Our dry cleaning pick up service takes on average 45-60 minutes from the point of order and, we drop off your fresh, clean clothes 24 hours later. We offer easy ways to get your laundry, and dry cleaning sorted. You can order online, by email support@laundrylab.co.uk and through our live chat assistant at the bottom right hand of the page.


Our dry cleaners in WC2H Leicester Square London can provide shirt dry cleaning, suits, jackets and dresses. Our partner dry cleaners can dry clean almost any garment, and we take as much pride in your laundry as we do our own. 


We have a wide choice of dry cleaning services as well as wash & fold laundry services from single items to filling up a laundry bag, and we sort it all out according to the care label, and you only pay once we bring your items back.


You will be pleased to hear that our laundry delivery drivers are always on time.

You can download our free Laundry Lab App on both the Google Play and Apple Stores, and you can find the link at the bottom of the page in the footer.


Hotel Dry Cleaners WC2H Leicester Square London | Laundrettes Near My Hotel WC2H Leicester Square London


If you happen to be one of the lucky ones to be staying in a hotel in WC2H Leicester Square London but are running out of clothes to wear or maybe you want clean clothes to go back home with or could it be you need that suit dry cleaned for that all-important business meeting. Whichever it may be Laundry Lab has you covered with various dry cleaning and laundry services so no matter where you in WC2H Leicester Square London are or what you need cleaning, without a doubt, we will be able to help!


We can provide you with a laundry pick up service usually withing 45 mins and returned within a 24-hour frame. We also have a time slot for you to choose from for us to pick up your dirty laundry and the same for return. 

Once you place an order online, you will get a notification so you can track the delivery driver to your front door.


Laundry Lab is the growing fast in the dry cleaners industry, across London, Kent, Surrey & Middlesex as a matter we have the fastest laundry & dry cleaning turnaround time in London. 


Dry Cleaning Airbnb Duvets, Bedsheets, Pillows & Towels Across WC2H Leicester Square London


If you happen to own an Airbnb business and live in the WC2H Leicester Square London area, then you will also be pleased that we can take care of all your laundry needs. We can provide you with one of our laundry bags for you to fill up and if you have guests coming to stay over, we also offer an express delivery service where you can get your laundry back within 12 working hours, now that's a dry cleaning service.


Restaurant Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services WC2H Leicester Square London


Laundry Lab invites all restaurant owners to try our laundry services, and we provide exceptional dry cleaning and laundry services such as dry cleaning your aprons, table cloths, tea towels and towels. You can book a slot to have your laundry picked and dropped off, or we can set up reoccurring laundry pick-ups whichever you prefer.


Dry Clean Luxury Clothes In WC2H Leicester Square London


Our partner dry cleaners take exceptional care of your luxury garments, and all clothes are dry cleaned according to the care label inside. We also offer alterations & tapering to the WC2H Leicester Square London area should you prefer to have an adjustment instead.


Suit Dry Cleaning WC2H Leicester Square London | Shirt Dry Cleaners Near Me


Our suit dry cleaning service is the best in the industry with more than 12 different dry cleaners to choose from, and all our dry cleaners have different deals and offers on various suits, shirts and more. Our 24-hour booking system allows you to book whenever you need your suit or dinner suit dry cleaned and delivered where ever you need it. 


Placing Dry Cleaners & Laundrettes Services Online In WC2H Leicester Square London


By placing a laundry pick up delivery service to WC2H Leicester Square London, you have a few ways to do so:


How To Order A Wash & Fold Laundry Service Or Dry Cleaning A Suit To WC2H Leicester Square London


You can browse our website and select which dry cleaners that's, located near you, select which service you need and add it to your shopping cart and place your order. You will be presented with a page for you to input your email, phone number, pick up address and pick up time. If the drop off address is the same as pick up address than click the little button to automatically autofill the delivery address and wait for the driver to collect the laundry. 


You can click on the chat support box that is, located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, if we are open, enter your name and click on 'send a chat request. You can now be able to speak directly with a member of our professional Laundry Lab team that will be able to assist with your order personally.


Please note that card payments are via chip & pin at the door.

Don't forget that our opening hours can be, located at the top of this page!


Contact us via email support@laundrylab.co.uk



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