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Dry cleaners near Streatham Vale London SW16 - Our 24-hour dry cleaning turnaround time covers all of London and some parts of Surrey. No matter where you are situated, possibilities are that we can pick-up and deliver to you if you live or work in the Streatham Vale London SW16 area.


Our laundry & dry cleaning service in Streatham Vale London SW16 has lots of different services - which includes suit and shirt dry cleaning, duvet & bedding dry cleaning, wash & fold laundry service, corporate laundry services and much more. Feel free to browse the menu and order online, our opening and closing times are from 8 am to 10 pm Monday through to Sunday.


Laundry Lab delivers professional dry cleaning and laundry on time, every time, you can get your laundry back the same day if you order from early by using the express delivery option. Our average laundry collection times are between 45-60 minutes and usually delivered 24 hours later or 12 hours later if you opt for express delivery. We have a small army of Laundry Lab delivery drivers that are, located close to Streatham Vale London SW16. We offer complimentary services from and to your home in quick times - no one comes close to competing with Laundry Lab. We are the London dry cleaners near you - whom better to entrust to deliver your laundry & dry cleaning on-time.


Why not download our London dry cleaners app which is available on both iOS and Android smartphones, once you download you can get £10 off and if you refer your friend they will get £10 off too!


Laundry Service Near Me Streatham Vale London SW16 


It is not easy to find time for yourself, mainly when the laundry is stacking up at home. With Laundry Lab, our free laundry pick-up and dry cleaning service, you'll get your fresh laundry delivered to your doorstep within 24-hours hassle-free. Our London laundry app service saves you the trip down to the local dry cleaners, and you don't have to waste time pondering at local laundromats and launderettes in Streatham Vale London SW16.

We provide free laundry bags for you to fill up, we then we take it back to our partner facilities where they take special care of your laundry.

Restaurant Laundry Service Streatham Vale London SW16 

Laundry Lab provides a premium wash and fold, laundry & dry cleaning service, as well as a restaurant laundry service to Streatham Vale London SW16. With Laundry Lab's 24-hour laundry service, you can have dirty uniforms, table cloths, serviettes and more picked up from your restaurant at a time that suits you, and returned the next day.


When your laundry arrives at our facility, our specialists will evaluate the care label and what the fabric type is. This approach guarantees a premium finish, with professional treatment with quality cleaning solvents. 


Airbnb Laundry Service In Streatham Vale London SW16


Offering a 12, 24 and 48-hour turnaround and complimentary home collection & drop off, Laundry Lab provides a convenient and professional laundry & dry cleaning service for Airbnb owners because we know that London life can be busy, to say the least- particularly for those that have to manage their Airbnb homes to the most distinguished standards.


Trying to locate the nearest London dry cleaners to you only puts more pressure on your day. Well, we have good news: Laundry Lab offers a complete solution for Airbnb owners.

Laundry Lab is London’s most efficient laundry and dry cleaning service in Streatham Vale London SW16. Providing exceptional convenience from pick-up to drop off at your location of choice - be it your office, home or hotel - our laundry service is impossible to overcome. Don't bother to waste your time at the dry cleaners or launderette, why not let Laundry Lab take over the washing?


Laundry Lab offers a hotel-quality laundry service to Airbnb owners or managers. With Laundry Lab's 24 hour service, you can opt for Wash & Fold Laundry service and have dirty bedding collected from a designated location at a time you choose, and dropped back off there later.


Dress, Suit & Shirt Dry Cleaning Near Me


Laundry Lab offers a professional suit dry cleaning service with a 24-hour turnaround time and is the ultimate solution to every suit. We pay attention to detail and quality cleaning, we're always the 'suit dry cleaners near me' company since we come to your hotel, office or home!


When we are satisfied with the dry cleaning process, we'll provide our ironing services for your dress, including removal of any marks, this will be placed on a coat hanger and wrapped in plastic to keep it clean, fresh and safe as it is delivered back to you.

Ready to order? Here's How To Order Online To Streatham Vale London SW16

Ordering dry cleaning or laundry services to Streatham Vale London SW16 is easy.


Browse our different services and choose the things you want to add to the cart, enter your pick up address, time and drop off time and location and wait for the driver to arrive.


A) Email us on support@laundrylab.co.uk .


B) Click on the chat panel at the bottom of the page, if we are available, enter your name, email and click on 'send. You can speak with a member of the Laundry Lab team that will process your order manually.


C) Download our mobile laundry & dry cleaners app for the ultimate experience.


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