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Dry cleaning SE19 Norwood London - all night laundry & dry cleaning service with free pick up and drop off delivery to your home! We provide a dry cleaning and laundry service all night long across the SE19 Norwood London area. We clean and deliver crisp, dry cleaning, laundry, bedsheets, duvets, small rugs, curtains, suits, shirts, shoe repairs, alterations and more. Laundry Lab has an average pick up time of 45-60 mins and drop off times of only 12-48 hours depending on the items we receive. Our dry cleaning service cleans more than 150 different things. It includes two-piece suits, trousers, blazers, jackets & coats, cardigans, shirts, scarfs, ties and extras such as wedding dresses, leather bags and shoes. It's always pleasing to hear that all our dry cleaning near me services are, delivered on time.


Our Dry Cleaning & Laundry Opening & Closing Times



We typically open for dry cleaning near me from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. We are always open for business every day of the week, 365 days a year!


Having a late-night party or unexpected family dropping by or maybe the laundry is stacking up, regardless of the occurrence, this is why Laundry Lab is here. We don't just drop off dry cleaning to SE19 Norwood London; we also provide a wide range of laundry services throughout London, Surrey, Kent and Middlesex. So wherever you, we will unquestionably be able to help! We can only deliver your dry cleaning or laundry to your (house or apartment!), Hotel or business address.


To view our dry cleaning or laundry services, go to the Laundry Lab logo above. Our website is full of offers from different dry cleaners. Make sure you look out for our deal items, they are, spread out over our website.


Laundry Lab is second to none for our dry cleaning services which include shirts, suits, trousers, jackets, towels or repairs. Laundry Lab always pick up and drop off on time, anywhere in the SE19 Norwood London area!


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Our dry cleaning repairs & alterations services include shorten and lengthen trousers, shirt repair, zip repair, tapering, leather trousers and fur jackets. Our dry cleaning service offers more than 12 different types of repairs, all available for quick pick up and dropped off directly to your door.


Dry Cleaning Accessories SE19 Norwood London 



Our dry cleaning partners can dry clean items such as gloves ski gloves, handkerchiefs, scarfs & bow ties. We also dry clean bed sheets of all sizes as well as covers and duvets. We dry clean table cloths, curtains, bathrobes and towels. 


Our laundry service has a couple of options. First, one is we can wash, dry and fold everything that you give us. Secondly, we can separate the whites from the colours then wash and fold everything. However, having two separate washes will cost you more. However, we will always let you know the full price once we get the items to our partner facilities. 


How To Place A Dry Cleaning Service Online To SE19 Norwood London



How to place a dry cleaning service online is easy, enter your postcode into the location bar or automatically let the app or website get your location. Then you will be shown all the local dry cleaners in your area, click on any of the dry cleaners that are near you. Once you have selected the dry cleaners, you want to use, and you can then choose if you would like a wash & fold laundry service or if you would like specific item dry cleaned. Add them to your basket, choose a location where you would like the laundry to be, picked up from and the time. Then select if its the same address to be dropped off to or if the address if different, then please input the delivery address. One of our drivers will get a notification and be on the way to pick up the laundry within the time slot you have chosen online. Typically your dry cleaning or laundry order will be returned within 24-48 hours depending on the items. We also provide an express delivery service and your dry cleaning will be returned within 12 working hours and costs £10.



Please note that card payments are via chip & pin at the door.

Don't forget that our opening hours can be, located at the top of this page!


Contact us via email support@laundrylab.co.uk




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